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If all methods to solve quadratic equations are included in your syllabus, then these words “solve quadratic equations by factoring method” are not new to you. But it’s not necessary that every student is efficient in solving factorization. So, if you are also escaping from factorization and you are finding the factoring quadratics calculator then […]

Quadratic Equation Is Based On Squared

“Formula for Quadratic equation” these words come to your mind when you start to solve Quadratic equations as a new topic in your study. As we know quad means double that’s why one variable in the Quadratic equation is based on squared. Basically, the word quad is a Latin word and when we solve the […]

Graph Presentation “Parabola” Of A Quadratic Equation

Introduction Of The Quadratic Equation: The second-degree polynomial equation which has only one unknown variable is known as Quadratic equation. The standard form of Quadratic equation is as \( ax^2+ bx+c=0 \) and the formula for Quadratic equation is \( x = \dfrac{ -b \pm \sqrt{b^2 – 4ac}}{2a} \). New inventions have made our work […]

Completing The Square Method To Solve The Quadratic Equation

As we know, solving the quadratic equation by using the Quadratic formula is quite easy. But when it is said to solve the Quadratic equation by completing the square method then students get a little bit confused. If you are included in those who are finding Quadratic equation solvers or to find the quadratic function […]

Quadratic Equation

When we get introduced by the basics of algebra then we learn about base, exponent, term or order etc. After the clarity of basics, we learn about the degrees of polynomials. As we know that polynomials are based on variables, constants, and exponents. The exponents of the variables of the polynomials are based on positive […]

Airplanes & Mobile Phones – Real World Examples Of Quadratic Equation

There are various equations we learn and understand in elementary or high school. Some of those equations are easy, some are complex, and some are plain boring. Whether math is easy for you or difficult, one thing is true – there is no other equation to rival the majestic quadratic equation. We have entered in […]

Mathematical Equations That Remarkably Impacted The World

Calculation, equation, and, math is continuously revolutionizing our world. From the time mankind wanted to calculate the field area for growing crops – there was a thirst to know and understanding the secrets of the world. Why apple always fall down rather than flying, is there a pattern to the movement of star, what can […]

Mathematicians Who Changed The World

9 Mathematicians Who Changed The World Mathematicians are the true hero but you don’t really know about them. I can recall two or three mathematician and that’s too because they were famous physicist. Yes, I am talking about Newton and Einstein! If you ask me to list 5 mathematician, I will fail and not the […]

From Father of Math to Father of Algebra

Mathematics is a bit dry for me. I start to solve an equation and suddenly the lizard on the wall looks interesting as compared to the equation I am supposed to solve. My lack of focus is the only thing that made me research the importance of the subject more. The more I got bored, […]

Asians Are Good At Math – Reality, Myth, Or Plain Racism?

From mathematic to biology, from chemistry to physics, from theoretical to practical interventions – Asians are making their mark and it’s high time you start thinking how? Ever noticed a pattern in the results of any mathematic contest? Ever wondered why there are so many research papers being submitted by Asian countries? No, well you […]