When we get introduced by the basics of algebra then we learn about base, exponent, term or order etc. After the clarity of basics, we learn about the degrees of polynomials. As we know that polynomials are based on variables, constants, and exponents. The exponents of the variables of the polynomials are based on positive integers. The polynomials are separated by plus or minus sign and each separated polynomial is known as a term. If the polynomial is based on one term is known as monomial, if based on two terms is known as binomial, and if it is based on three terms is known as trinomial. Now we know how to determine the degree of a polynomial; it is very simple. First of all, we separately add up the exponents of each term and then will select the highest one which will be called the degree of polynomial. After a little introduction about the polynomial, we come to our targeted topic, the quadratic equation. The word Quadratic is derived from a Greek word Quadratum which means double. The quadratic equation is based on the second degree of the polynomial because at least one variable in Quadratic equation is squared. The standard form of the Quadratic equation is \( ax^2 + bx + c = 0 \), where x is an unknown variable, a, b, & c are any numbers or constants and a is not equal to zero.

Formula For Quadratic Equation:

The formula which we use to calculate the quadratic equation is as:

\( x = -b \pm \dfrac{\sqrt{b^2 – 4ac}}{2a} \)


\( 2x^2 – 8x – 24 = 0 \)

In this Quadratic equation a = 2, b = – 8, & c = -24. Now apply the formula:

\( x = -(-8) \pm \dfrac{\sqrt{(-8)^2 – 4(2)(-24)}}{2(2)} \)

\( x = 8 \pm \dfrac{\sqrt{64 + 192}}{4} \)

\( x = 8 \pm \dfrac{\sqrt{256}}{4} \)

\( x = 8 \pm \dfrac{16}{4} \)

\( x = 8 + \dfrac{16}{4} \),\( x = 8 – \dfrac{16}{4} \)

\( x = \dfrac{24}{4} \),\( x = \dfrac{-8}{4} \)

\( x = 6 \),\( x = -2 \)

Thus, solution sets [ 6, – 2] Answer.

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Methods To Solve Quadratic Equation

There are four methods to solve the quadratic equation:

  • Quadratic formula

  • Completing the square.

  • Graphing

  • Factoring

We have discussed the quadratic formula above then now we will just discuss here the most important factoring method to solve the quadratic equation. In the factoring method the quadratic equation is solved in this way that first we standardize the equation then factorizes the non-zero side and finally set each factor to zero. After this process we get the equation then we solve it easily and find the solution sets for the variable X.

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