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    Quadratic Formula Calculator

    In the present day, we are entitled to discuss something out of Mathematics, the Quadratic Equation. Although, this is a famous subject matter amidst different exams and studies, it requires sufficient amount of practice, subsequently. Students often get confused and relate quadratic equations with linear equation. Let me make it clear, my patrons, it is entirely distinct from the Linear Equations.

    Quadratic Equation Solver

    The main difference among these equations is the latter will definitely comprise of a term ‘x2’. The important fact to keep in mind is, a term with power 2 or a term with a degree 2 in an equation makes it a quadratic equation. This article further discusses the significance of quadratic equations and its value in the colossal of mathematics.


    A quadratic formula is significant to resolve a quadratic equation, in elementary algebra. Even though, there are various other methods to solve the quadratic equation, for instance graphing, completing the square, or factoring; yet again, the most convenient and easy approach to work out these quadratic equations is the quadratic formula.

    From Abacus To Calculator

    Technology – The fruit of our advanced mind, persistent, hard work, and our drive to ease our lives. Let’s get one thing clear, we want our comfort and we love the things that can make our life easier & enjoyable. One of best example of our love of comfort is evident by the evolution of calculator. We have hundred types of calculator nowadays – from finance to mathematics, from physics to chemistry, from construction to health, from graphing to print – you name it and we can find and even offer you the calculator to do your calculations (talk about customization)!

    This was definitely not the case few decades ago. Who would have thought that calculation will be so easy? Let’s appreciate this tiny efficient device which made our life easy and helped us find that damned “x” (who is even looking for it anymore). Let’s dive into the rich history of calculator with Abacus which is still considered to be the first summing machine.

    Abacus – Father Of Modern Calculator

    When it comes to fathers – abacus may be the oldest one as it date back to around 2000 BC. It was the first summing machine consisting wood or stone beads to perform simple calculations like addition and subtraction. Mechanical calculators were invented in the 17th century so we can say that abacus had a long fruitful life. To tell you the truth, abacus are still around, not for the operational purpose obviously, but they still add a definite charm to an antique shop or a museum. For around 3600 years, mankind was happy with the simple abacus thinking it as the height of technology but things were about to change.

    Mechanical Calculator – The Next Step

    In the beginning of the 17th century, mechanical calculators started to appear in the European marketplace. The logarithm developed by John Napier paved the way for Edward Gunter and many others to develop the slide rule. The slide rule is just a slide disc utilizing logarithmic scale to multiply and divide. Slide rule is the pioneer rule which allowed square roots, exponential, logarithm, and advance trigonometry.

    Blaise Pascal presented the first mechanical calculator with the idea that this device will perform all four arithmetic operations. It used gear wheel and had the capability to add & subtract two numbers with repetitive multiplication & division. With the success of mechanical calculator, Pascal was rewarded with the most common type of flattery – imitation! All the new calculating machines were following the same concept while Pascal was busy refining his calculator and accepting noble awards.

    Rise & Fall Of Electronic Calculators

    The problem with all the presented calculator was shared one actually – They were too big to carry and people preferred something with improved mobility. With this idea in mind Cal Tech was invented by Texas Instruments (TI) and it was the first hand-held calculator. The device featured a small keyboard with 18 keys and a visual output that displayed up to 12 decimal digits.

    Busicom LE-120A “HANDY” was first pocket size calculator with LED screen. The initial price was $395 and due to this ginormous price tag, it came with a wrist band to prevent the chances of fall. 1985 was the year of revolution as Casio introduced Casio fx-7000G – first graphing calculator. The display format is still being followed by modern graphing calculators. Casio fx-7000G was followed by Sharp EL-9650 which was the first graphing calculator with finger touch function (talking about math on your fingertips!). Casio came up with PRIZM too which was the colored version of otherwise black, white, and boring surrounding of graphing calculator. When it comes to the improvement and enhancement of the technology – Casio come up as winner in the calculation field.

    Go Digital Go

    Mobile phones brought a much needed revolution and soon companies were opting for adding multiple services to attract their customers. With the addition of calculator in the mobile phones, the glorious era of digital calculator came to its end. Nowadays it uncommon to see someone carrying a digital calculator. Even the more technical calculators are being ditched by the user due to the access to online calculators that can find your ‘x’ in milliseconds. The need to buy an expensive calculating device became an extra burden nobody is agreeing to bear anymore.

    What you need now is – access to internet and a click on our extensive calculator range that can solve any problem for you. Be it the quadratic equation, mean, median, mode, square roots, simple calculation, or technical one (like finance and construction), our calculators are here to assess you with any problem. With a single click, we can help you calculate how many doses you need or how many brick you are going to need for your brick garden!